About Yoga Gembira

From left to right: Yudhi Widdyantoro, Ganjar, Me (Akhlis), Wayan Sudira, Ay Pieta, Muktita, Metta, Lucy and Larasati

Contact us at yogagembira(at)gmail(dot)com to contribute an article or any worth sharing content (pictures, videos, slides, etc) relevant to yoga and social causes.

Have time on weekend to do yoga in an open space? Join us for FREE at Taman Suropati, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat every Sunday morning (around 7 am) or full moon meditation on Jalan Bangka, Kemang.

When you think yoga costs you a fortune (a lot too expensive) or  ONLY practiced by the elderly, ladies, the rich, or people with extraordinary flexibility level, Yoga Gembira will change your mind!

And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll learn a lot of new things  as we invite various people and organizations or communities (mostly non-profit) to share their ideas here with us.

To stay updated with our upcoming activity, please do subscribe or join our mailing list on Google Group, simply by sending your blank email to YOGAGEMBIRA(AT)GMAIL(DOT)COM. Once your email is sent, you’ll always keep posted from us.

See you at Taman Suropati!


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